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Meet Cathryn Donaldson, Alexis Co. muse and someone I admire very much! Cathryn and I first met in high school in Vero Beach, fast-forward to today I am grateful to call her a close friend. Cathryn was the first customer of mine to pair my signature maxi skirt with a blazer, a look I will literally love forever. One of the most truly authentic individuals I know, I can't wait to celebrate Cathryn and her love of fashion with you!

Cathryn spent fifteen years in Chicago and Washington, D.C., working in healthcare policy and media relations. She now lives in Palm Beach, working for her family in commercial real estate development. When we met for coffee and our photo shoot, Cathryn explained to me how important it is to fall in love with your wardrobe:

"You can make any closet work, but a closet needs to be a place where you can go and get inspiration for the day."

Spending time and working in major cities in industries that often had Cathryn in front of reporters meant that she needed to dress confidently. A lot of times, Cathryn would end up on camera, in which case she states she kept things "neutral, with clean lines, and simple."

"I've found that throughout my entire career one of my passions is fashion; I always wanted to look put together and love styling outfits for work. I have a lot of pride in what I wear in to the office and everything I do and I'm always thinking about how I can maximize my wardrobe."

Do you have a hack for how you wear your Alexis Co.? Maybe something we haven't seen before?

I typically pair the skirt with a crop and an oversized blazer that looks feminine yet sophisticated. The tailored blazer looks amazing with the flowiness of the skirt.

"The trend has evolved with oversized blazers, and I think that adding a blazer elevates any look but it especially makes great contrast with your collection because the knitwear is very feminine where the jackets are masculine."

Tell us about meeting Lex...

I met Lex in high school at St. Edward's in Vero Beach. We reconnected later in life when my brother and Lex became in-laws through marriage to another Vero family - Lex married Zach Kappel and, later, my brother married Zach's sister, Sarah. I love that our relationship has come full circle and that she's such a close friend today! Life is amazing that way.

How long have you been following and shopping Alexis Co.?

I've been following for a few years but immediately fell in love when I purchased my first knit maxi skirt.

"Something I love so much about (your) collection is that I can meet you at Chelsea's, a small coffee shop in Vero Beach, or go to Miami and the knitwear just works for everything."

Is there a memory you have made that has tied you to your favorite Alexis Co. piece?

Yes! There are a lot but I travel to Northern Michigan every summer and the knit maxis always come with me because they are the perfect weight. I remember wearing the ivory maxi with a dressy top to a pre-wedding event at the Bay Harbor country club, and everyone was asking where they could buy the skirt. I literally want it in every color because I wear them so often.

Do you travel in your Alexis Co.? If so, we would love to hear about it, or a short story!

Yes! I recently took my knit maxi on a wine tour through Brunello di Montalcino in Tuscany. It was a beautiful summer day and the outfit just "fit" with the entire experience - I took so many pictures because I loved it so much.

What is the oldest Alexis Co. piece in your collection?

The ivory maxi skirt is such a staple in my wardrobe. I cannot put it on without getting a million compliments. I absolutely love it.

What is the newest piece in your collection?

The short ivory knit. It is like a mini version of my long one and it's perfect for the beach or out to dinner. I live in Palm Beach and I have worn it over a bikini or out to a nice dinner with a flowy blouse. So versatile!

Which is your favorite Alexis Co. piece that you own, and why?

This is a toss up between my ivory knit maxi and my rose knit maxi. The best thing about these pieces is they match almost any occasion and are a real show-stopper. I love wearing them with a crop peasant top and wedges, or even a mini t-shirt and sandals. They are the best fitting skirts I own.

How does your Alexis Co. collection show off your personal style?

Again, the versatility for me is key. I go to a lot of dinners, lunches, events in Palm Beach and sometimes I'm not quite sure what to wear - I don't want to be too casual but not too dressy. The knit maxis are a go-to because they are so unique and flattering but don't look like I am trying too hard. Absolute perfection.

What about Alexis Co. has you coming back each season?

The quality of the products. I've never owned a designer where I get this many compliments on every piece.

"You can do a lot with neutrals, clean lines, simple. I'm a neutral girl and gravitate towards a lot of that."

What are you passionate about?

Traveling and learning about different cultures and languages is number one. A close second, and totally unrelated, would be politics and fully understanding laws and policies that are impacting the trajectory of our country. Some day I would like to get more involved in some political advocacy or fundraising in South Florida. 

Cathryn is wearing the Maxi Skirt in Ivory and Black, the Drop-Waist Maxi Skirt in Dusty Rose, and the Mini Mini Skirt in Ivory.
Here is our current selection of knitwear available in Dusty Rose, and the Drop-Waist Maxi Skirt is currently available in OliveBurgundy, and Turquoise. And the Mini Mini Skirt is currently available in Amethyst, Burgundy, and White.

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