Beige Crochet Maxi Dress

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Let's talk about our Crochet Maxi Dress ~ I adore this style from our collection ~ the open weave is intricate while providing comfort. Today I'm highlighting the Beige version this week because ~ the tone is understated but universal. Meant to layer or simply wear over a swimsuit, I have loved the way our team and customers have styled and worn this one-of-a-kind dress over the years. Modest and delicate, get ready to delve into our Crochet Maxi Dress in Beige!

Sandy tones meet comfortable cottons, where the open weave makes room for to create a two-toned palette or perfect solid color. Pairing the Crochet Maxi Dress over a white slip, for example, creates a mellow juxtaposition of definition. Or try blush under the Beige where the tones become so neutral they jive in perfect accord. And for the most seamless combination that can truly take this dress anywhere ~ a nude slip or nude undergarments.

This beauty goes just about everywhere with me ~ to the beach, on vacation, worn as loungewear on a warm night at home, or out with friends. The dress is also available in Mauve, Navy, and White

I love sharing my take on each Lex & Lynnestyle and knit, which is why I have a surprise for you! Our knitwear rarely goes on sale, but to celebrate the summer season and inspired by our small town's annual July sale, we are offering 40% off of our Crochet Maxi Dress down for a limited time only! Shop the Crochet Maxi Dress and undergarments I find to pair perfectly with this style, here!

A few notes on our Crochet Maxi Dress ~ our one-size applies to this style, and I get a lot of questions about my one-size theory; I love applying this size to our knitwear because our material makes it possible. We use only the finest kinds of cotton and wools, and because of the flexible and novelty nature of each material, our Crochet Maxi Dress ranges from size 2 to size 10. We include a beautifully crafted self waist-tie to define the waistline or wear without. I really encourage you to wear the waist-tie at the high waist, low waist, and weave it throughout the crochet. Like the rest of our styles, our Crochet Maxi Dress truly looks different on everyone and complements many figures.

Another note on this style ~ washing instructions. You can hand wash or machine wash this style on gentle, and you can lay flat to dry or machine dry. As for undergarments and what to wear with our Crochet Maxi Dress, a simple go-to is a nude Commando Slip! I personally love wearing the Commando Half Slip and Commando Bralette under my dress. As mentioned earlier in the blog post, you can pair this dress with just about any slip!

Shop the variety of colors in the Crochet Maxi Dress and the undergarments that I suggest wearing underneath, here!



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