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At Home Preset Package

I love being behind the camera and capturing my designs and travels! Taking photos, especially portraits, is something I have always really enjoyed and have been doing for 10+ years now. I'm always asked by customers, followers, fellow creatives, models, and friends how I edit my photos. Well, for many years I've gone from photo editor to photo editor, camera to camera, filter to filter (depending on the iPhone app ~ that is, once iPhone editing apps like vsco became available!) and finally began creating my own presets a little over a year ago. Now I've made my favorite presets available on our website!

British Vogue {Behind the Scenes} Preset Package

In February, my friend Christina visited me in Vero Beach and we had an impromptu photo shoot on a hazy, overcast day. You could almost see the mist from the ocean breeze in the photos. It was a chilly day and the sun was hiding; the water was warm and our new merino wool knits were perfect for the setting. I could not wait to edit the small batch of photos we captured, and as I edited I explained to Christina that sometimes if a setting really inspires me I will create a set of presets on Lightroom.

Soft Focus Preset Package

That day I created a batch of presets inspired by our photoshoot that made the grain flow and blend; the colors washed out and muted, making them more cohesive to the ever-changing lighting on the horizon... now known as the Soft Focus Preset Collection ~ three premium Adobe Lightroom presets within the package. Check out a before and after above!

Valiante Preset Package

My favorite preset collection is the At Home series, inspired by my surroundings and spending time at home in the last few months. There are five total premium Adobe Lightroom presets in this package, all vastly different. Overexposed to underexposed, vivid details to grey-scale details. Perfect for candid photography, portraits, and especially fashion and street photography.

The S Collective Preset Package

I love the photography process and find editing and tweaking to be a huge part of it! So, enjoy it! There are a handful + premium Adobe Lightroom presets available at the moment! They are mobile and desktop friendly, making each preset great for on-the-go iPhone photos or professional photos.

Denim Lightroom Preset Package


Creative Photography Presets

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