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Hi everyone!

Presently there's so much to say about Lex & Lynne, and it is impossible to communicate all of the exciting things behind closed doors at the shop. Last year was a huge transitional year personally and professionally, and your support has been a crucial part of Lex & Lynne's steadfast approach to regaining consistency.

After reopening our doors nine months ago, we gained a new member of our team. Kristy and I collided paths and were both open to the idea of getting Lex & Lynne back on its feet.

Kristy and I first met three years ago as neighboring business owners. She closed her doors during the start of Covid, and I closed our doors on and off for two years. When Covid first hit, Kristy and I would bounce ideas off each other on what to do with our shops. Hours, how many people are in the store at one time, do we steam everything daily, do we disinfect clothing after dressing rooms. The struggle was real. The inventory that ended up sitting from the shutdown was hard to swallow. Whew... what a ride. We survived. A huge thank you to everyone who continued ordering online during our "closed" years.

With all of that said, Kristy and I have been working together and have enjoyed brainstorming, collaborating, and curating what is next for Lex & Lynne. We have plans!!

We are making one final push to clear the floor, a chance for us to reset and make the shop a dreamy space to come and find unique pieces. We both have a similar style and attraction to "out of the box" collections. Your closet should make you happy. And that's exactly what we want to deliver. We want L&L to be an experience that is just as enjoyable to browse as it is to find that one piece that sparks joy. We will start with the first floor and then see what's next for the 2nd floor.

I have continued to design my knitwear collections, and we are launching our signature styles this fall in neutral hues, mochas, and periwinkle blue ~ be on the lookout! In addition, I hired two new knitters in Istanbul who are focusing on granny squares, another significant move for me in our small world at L&L. And stay tuned for a fresh set of winter sweaters made of the same quality wool we are known for.

We continue to embrace the fair-trade concept. Working with women and men in multiple countries who, like all of us, are contributing to providing for their families. Our makers are paid a fair wage for each sweater they make by hand. And I continue to search for those unique finds on my travels.

Kristy is our shop manager. She has a genuine love for clothing and textiles. Kristy has worked with many brands over the years and is passionate about the community and helping women find their voice through what they wear. It's about finding the materials and structure that make you feel good in your own skin ~ Kristy's words! 

We are creating a balanced collection at the shop for the upcoming fall and holiday seasons that will include something for everyone. You will also notice a balance in our price range. We are a small boutique shop that supports everyone and is an active part of our charming walking village in Sewickley. 

That was a lot... we know. If you actually read this far, you're a rock star and we thank you!!!  And now you know... 40% OFF this week. 

Alexis Maxi Skirt in Teal and Marigold: Original Price $380
Sale Price $228
Cactus Silk Pillows: Originally $125
Sale Price $75
Vintage Floor Poufs
Originally $165
Sale Price $99
Patch Denim Jacket: Original Price $105
Sale Price $65
Lindsay Ruffle Mini Skirt in Papaya: Original Price $260
Sale Price: $156

Frida Kahlo Tote Bag

Original Price $130

Sale Price $78


*** Okay, yes there are some exclusions. Our new knitwear collections are NOT included or the Moroccan leather and straw bags. BUT older L&L knits will be. We will have full price items moved to a section to make "CLEAR the FLOOR" 40% SALE easier to shop. 

We will see you this week:  Tuesday-Saturday, 11am - 3pm

We are working to extend our hours this October, and we will be building and training a new staff. Our sale will be in-store only. Our demand in-store has held us back from updating our website and keeping up with inventory online ~ we are working on this!

With hugs and love,




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