Bags and Shoes and Accessories, Oh My! Get Your Leather Fix at Lex & Lynne

Posted by Riley Roberts on

Pick up all your favorite leather accessories Lex & Lynne! From shoes to belts to bags, both the men's and women's store has it all. Need a durable new bag or purse? Check out our latest shipment of Will Leather Goods. Beautifully crafted, stylish, and extremely durable, Will's line of handbags, backpacks, brief cases, and duffel bags are the perfect way to treat yourself or others to a nice surprise.


Will Leather Goods uses vegetable tanned leather as well as fat liquors and oils to soften and protect the material. Bags like the purse above on the right featuring a textured design are  hand woven using looms and are naturally dyed. Be sure to stop in to both stores to see the entire selection. Check out these bags and others on our website!


At the men's store we have several other leather accessories. Our selection of men's J Shoe is simple yet stylish. Made with high quality leather and traditional craftsmanship, these shoes are extremely durable and will last through even the worst winter weather. Along with our Bill Adler leather belts, the store also has Will Leather Goods belts, as well as several other Will products. These include key chains, cuffs, wrap bracelets, pouches, wallets, and travel wallets. Be sure to check out these products and other  accessories at the men's store. Happy Shopping!


xx RR

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