Cashmere is a Girl's Best Friend

Posted by Riley Roberts on

Let's stay comfy cozy this winter, while still looking like a million bucks! Lex & Lynne has a new collection of cashmere sweaters that are beautiful and soft with a modest crew neck design. If you liked our popular skull cashmere sweaters from 360 Sweater then you'll love our more simple pieces from the same brand. The soft pastel colors are perfect for the white, wintery January and February months, while carrying you through the Spring.


Because cashmere is the softest, coziest material I've ever felt, I can highly recommend this sweater be worn for all occasions. Wear it at home on the couch curled up with a good movie on Netflix and some tea. Wear it on a first date! Wear it for a night out with your girlfriends, paired with Lex & Lynne handmade jewelry and a cute pair of heels.  Regardless of the circumstances, you will know with absolute certainty that you are the comfiest (yet still the best dressed) person in the room. You can't go wrong with 100% Cashmere!


Can't get enough of the stuff? Lex & Lynne has other pieces for Cashmere lovers, like a travel wrap from White and Warren or adorable finger-less gloves from Skull Cashmere. The pair that I own is my absolute favorite accessory, and I've hardly left the house without them this winter. Stop by Lex & Lynne to get your cashmere fix! Stay warm, stay cozy, and stay beautiful!

xx RR

P.S. the details: wearing 360 Cashmere Sweater, Skull Cashmere gloves, L&L jewelry, Tina+Jo tunic, and Black Orchid denim - get the look at L&L!

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