Inside L&L!

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Welcome to the Lex & Lynne's newest feature: Inside L&L! We have many new goals and plans upon launching the boutique and our Insider will include all of the creativity behind our plans. 

Lex & Lynne was born out of the ideal that fashion is the greatest form of self-expression, and the blog will stand as our creative medium to share everything that is Lex & Lynne – from inspirations and ideas, to influences and experiences, updates, details, and more.

When I moved to New York City I was quickly immersed in the world of high-fashion – styling, photography, publishing, e-commerce, design, and social media. Here I learned to appreciate the simplicity of fashion’s true foundation – the appeal of the things people wear, the way they wear it, and the reasons why.

Several elements compose a single person’s style, Lex & Lynne’s in particular includes the arts, traveling, culture, fashion, and giving back. 

Lex & Lynne was inspired by the beauty of a simple beaded bracelet, and all of our collections illustrate effortless style. 

xx AC

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