L&L Introducing Lauren Allik, Los Angeles, CA

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Meet Lauren Allik, long-time friend and Lex & Lynne Journals, social media, and creative contributor. Passionate about exploring, giving back, and making a difference, Lauren lives life to the fullest and continues to inspire everyone she encounters.

Lauren is a student at the University of Southern California, studying Communications and Graphic Design in hopes of pursuing a career in visual expression. Originally from Vero Beach, Florida, Lauren has moved her life to the other side to experience the West Coast beach lifestyle.

In her free time, Lauren finds herself surfing and practicing yoga, as well as exploring the Pacific Coast and the different music and art scenes Los Angeles has to offer. Collecting cameras to uniquely catch and document the cultural rays of California life, Lauren has chosen to share her adventures on L&L’s blog: West Coast exploring, in addition to past and present travel experiences.

Lauren is a freelance photographer - //LA\ PHOTOGRAPHY - and has spent time working for Transworld Surf Magazine in Carlsbad, California, Inkslingers, Inc., in Vero Beach, Florida, and will be interning (this Summer) at FOAM Magazine in LA, focusing on PR and Photo-Journalism. Alongside Lauren’s passion for learning and new experiences, her desire to travel the world is astounding and has led her on countless journeys - including Aruba, Austria, China, Costa Rica, Estonia, France, Ghana, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Peacemaker, globetrotter, and inspiring leader, Lauren’s dream is to experience all of the beaches the world has to offer and is planning on studying in Sydney next Spring.

Keep an eye out for Lauren’s posts in L&L Journals, follow her on twitter (@Lauren_Allik), and explore her blog for updates.

xx AC

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