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Hi Nomads!

We are so excited for all of our #LEXANDLYNNENOMADS entrants and have been more than pleased to see the globetrotting adventures our followers have ventured to! HAve you entered the competition yet?? It's mid-June so start snapping for the chance to win $100 store credit to L&L, online or in-store!! We have had photos submitted from near and far, all over the States, many countries and worldly cities! Photos from Nepal, Turkey, Indonesia, Denmark, Italy, Greece, England, Spain, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, and beyond! Check out our #LEXANDLYNNENOMADS Pinterest to see everything!

Guidelines: add as many photos as you want with the hashtag #LEXANDLYNNENOMADS and tag @LEXANDLYNNE! We are scoping Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, so post wherever you feel!!

xx AC

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