Musings Meet Impressionism in L&L’s Window…

Posted by Alexis Corry on

Impressionism, a style of artwork inspired by the Impressionist revolt during the 1860s in France, seeks to capture a feeling or experience as opposed to accurate depiction. Main characteristics of this style include thin brushstrokes, open composition, lighting features based on the subject’s changing qualities, ordinary subject matter, unusual angles, and most importantly: MOVEMENT. Impressionism stresses the fact that movement is a crucial element of human perceptions and experiences.

The Impressionist painters repudiated both the precise academic style and the emotional concerns of Romanticism, and their interest in objective representation, especially of landscape, was influenced by early photography. Impressionism met at firstwith suspicion and scorn, but soon became deeply influential. Its chief exponents included Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Cézanne, Degas, and Sisley.

One of my favorite things about opening our first retail location is introducing new styles and pieces through our window displays. For this week we introduce our new overalls, knitted maxi dresses, cutoff denim shorts, some Velvet, new candles, and our in-house artist’s newest painting. This specific painting features bright hues of yellow which inspired us to pair and display our knitted Maxi with citrus tones; our lady in overalls has paint brushes in every pocket, and this displays our musings. xx AC

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