Pepper Skulls at L&L!

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If you thought skulls were every too edgy or dark, then think again. Here at Lex & Lynne we love skulls! Skull sweaters, skull dresses, skull gloves, skull shirts, and all in luxuriously soft cashmere. If you're a Lex & Lynne veteran then you're familiar with our finger-less gloves and snuggly sweaters, but what I'd like to show you today is something totally new and Spring-ready!


Meet the newest edition to the Lex & Lynne skull family: the Skull Cashmere Pepper Skull dress and sleeveless shirt! The Pepper's are two peas in a pod, and I cannot decide which one I like more! The shirt and dress are comfortable and loose fitting, perfect for any casual day out. Made with cut off sleeves and thick fabric, these two pieces are perfect for in-between months, where the Winter winds begin to die down and Spring peeks its head around the corner. The best part of the shirt and dress however must be the skull. Placed on the back of both garments instead of the front, the skull really adds a subtle edgy flare. People are sure to see it when they go for the double take as you walk by. So cute and simple from the front, but wait, there's a  skull on her back! Let the comments and compliments roll in!

IMG_6143_blog image

Like I said, the styles really are perfect for transitioning seasons, so drop by Lex & Lynne and check out these new additions to our Skull collection. I'd even trying wearing both in the Fall with a black long sleeve top and tights (or black pants) under both garments. Comfortable yet funky, the cut-off skull dress and shirt are sure to be a hit!

xx RR

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