A Makeover in Memory of Lindsay

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Dear Friends,
As you know, my sister and greatest inspiration in my life, Lindsay, passed away in early August. Lindsay was the driving force behind my creativity, all my life. She encouraged me to design, go outside of my comfort zone, and follow my dream of creating something totally authentic.
With that being said, I am celebrating all things LOVE in remembering my sister and honoring her legacy. And I’d like to introduce our new and improved website that brings Lex & Lynne back to its core.
With my life's mission to honor the memory and spirit of Lindsay, I welcome you to discover my new knitwear collection, sweaters, and lifestyle collection, online and in-store. We have new jewelry, home accents, and so much more. Each purchase at Lex & Lynne contributes to a small community of artisans who make each item by hand and fully embrace their craft. Furthermore, 15% of all purchases will be donated to help children with Type 1 Diabetes through counseling, mentorship, and creative expression. Lindsay was diagnosed with Juvenile, Type 1, Diabetes as an infant, and her greatest passion was educating and helping newly diagnosed youth to cope with the disease.
My sister had a way of fully embracing life, truly being present, and showing gratitude regardless of life’s challenges - the good, and the not so good.
Life is short, tell those you care about that you love them. Wear bright colors with your heart on your sleeve; give gifts with meaning, instill vibrancy and vitality in your home. Help us, help others. Spread love and joy when you can, and be grateful for every moment, and most importantly be YOU.
Store Hours this week:
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All orders will ship the second week of November.
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