In Honor of My Sister, Lindsay Corry

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Dear Lex & Lynne Community,
On August 5th, I lost the greatest gift and light in my life -
my sister, Lindsay Nicole Corry.
Lindsay was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer in January of 2020, and our entire world changed in an instant. My family and I spent our last year and a half wholly devoted to Lindsay's health, healing, and simply spending all of our time together. We laughed, we cried; we made memories, and we did not take one moment in this life together for granted.
Lindsay was my little sister and the inspiration behind Lex & Lynne and the person who motivated me to start my own business. Because of my sister, I began making jewelry as a form of self-expression, much like Lindsay's own experience as a photographer and artist herself. From there, Lex & Lynne launched, the brand grew, and eventually evolved into a beautiful collection helping women in Mexico while supporting small designers like myself. I owe all of Lex & Lynne's praise and success to my sister.
Lindsay was my best friend, and our bond is more significant than life itself. The two of us connect on an infinite level, and the memory of Lindsay's courageous, kind soul continues to inspire me every day.
I've appreciated Lex & Lynne's strong following and devoted customers all along the way. Thank you for being here. I will honor Lindsay's faith in my creativity and her extraordinary compassion for others in all that I do.
I look forward to seeing you soon,

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