Muse Series: a Year with Alexis Co.

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Greetings, lovelies!

One of my greatest passions is bringing people together. Heartfelt conversation, fostering connections, and good fun. I'd like to think that my knitwear and colorful design work has a cool way of achieving this. With that being said, I am delighted to feature some exceptional women throughout 2024 who have positively impacted me personally, as well as Alexis Co.

These remarkable women, each a trendsetter in her own right, authentically express their narratives through art and style. They are true to themselves and are positive and active within their communities. Real women who infuse charm in their everyday lives, proudly wearing Alexis Co.

Creating community and conversation amongst one another are my goals for the Alexis Co. Muse Series. Which is as much of a celebration of the women who inspire me as it is of Alexis Co.'s journey!

As I launch my Muse Series, I reflect on the lessons I learned and my experiences in 2023. That year, I created and tailored even more custom pieces for clients while continuing to produce my signature designs, all while becoming a new mom. I also dove into my creative side deeper than ever, and I think it shows in my work, projects, and my personal life. 

I opted for a leisurely start to the new year in January, enjoying time with my son, family, friends, hobbies, and enhancing my business. If you're new here, I love to design styles that will last a lifetime, heirlooms that will become part of future generations, and I feel my 2023 approach to my knitwear embodied that completely. All of my designs are meticulously made by hand, with extra care and love, using the finest materials. I've also added a small selection of self-love ritual essentials. I believe there's nothing more important than self-love and I hope this small collection encourages you to practice self-love daily.

I am grateful for the unwavering support of these incredible women, who have backed me through every change and decision I've made over the years. They continue to leave a lasting mark on my creativity, inspiring me to design and share more. Now it's my joy to celebrate them! 

Stay tuned!

xx Lex

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