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Featuring and celebrating my dear friend and stylist Christina Stein, who is co-creative director and photographer for our Muse Series! Christina has been a major influence on Alexis Co. since year one. Christina has been collecting Alexis Co. for over a decade now, and her archival collection brings a wave of nostalgia, to say the least. Most significantly, Christina’s personal narrative and individuality shine through, standing out as a truly inspiring story to read. Enjoy!
Tell us a little bit about yourself...
I am a personal stylist, but I am on the verge of doing more life coaching. I am passionate about helping people become more of who they really are and being confident in themselves. I love love love art history, and you can usually find me in a museum getting lost. There is so much beauty out there and I just want to be a part of it. 
What was your first experience walking into Alexis Co. (formerly Lex & Lynne) and meeting Alexis?
It was a little over ten years go, I was a new personal stylist in Pittsburgh and I was putting on a charity fashion show in the city and was looking to partner with some local boutiques. I walked into the flatiron building where Alexis had recently opened her women’s store and Lex was working. Meeting Lex was probably one of my most genuine meetcutes I have had in not just a brand that changed my life but the lifelong friendship I got out of it.
How long have you been shopping at Alexis Co. and what is the oldest piece in your collection?
Over ten years!  The oldest piece is what I call my mermaid knit. It’s a cream cover up and I just love it so much. I am always stopped when I wear it and it doubles as a vacation dress! 
Tell us about your newest Alexis Co. piece that you've added to your collection...?
My custom duster. I typically only wear black but I wanted to venture out a bit and I told Lex to have some fun with designing one for me! It is perfect! 
What is your favorite piece in your Alexis Co. collection and why?
My black worsted-wool cardigan. It is the coziest thing ever worn and the second it gets cold I bust the baby out! 
Is there a memory you have made that is tied to your favorite piece?
So my oldest piece has the most impactful story, I was wearing it in Mexico the night I decided to begin my sober life. Lex has been one of my biggest cheerleaders on this journey and I find it ironic that I was wearing one of her designs during this life changing event. 
How does your collection show off your personal style?
Well most of it is black, which is a color I will never stop wearing, and I love that I can combine the pieces with other textures like leather and denim. My style majority of the time is cool and relaxed, and Alexis Co. helps me to achieve that. 
Do you have a hack for how you wear your pieces? Maybe something we've never seen before?
I think people are surprised to see a knit that they think is only for warm weather being worn in the winter, it’s just all about layering. I love wearing over the knee boots with my long black skirt and a leather jacket, it’s just a really easy go-to for me. Maybe not the most unique but it takes people by surprise when I tell them that skirt doubles as a cover up in the summer!
Do you travel in your Alexis Co.?
I love traveling with my Alexis Co. pieces and have done so for years. Most recently I brought my black mini skirt and tank to Morocco and both were so comfortable and versatile. I also like to pack both of my knit cover ups for any beach vacation I go on, they’re unique and always a wonderful conversation starter! 
What about Alexis co has you coming back each season?
I am always in awe of the color ways and combinations Lex creates. The line itself is a safe and happy place for me. Sure, I'm a little biased because Lex is a dear friend, but ten years later and I am still amazed and my friend's creativity and ability to be re-born in her work. 
Christina is the co-founder of The O’Noir Foundation in Pittsburgh. We will be featuring Christina in her O’Noir Sweater with all of her foundaton’s details at the end of the summer season.  
For more inspiration, check out Christina's website and be sure to follow Christina on Instagram: @stylebychristina

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