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Hi there, and welcome to Alexis Co.!

Alexis Co. is my new online oasis where my passions collide: global nomad meets knitwear designer and all things creative. My dream is for this little corner of my world to inspire you in many ways, shapes, and forms and encourage you to find your flow and follow your dreams as I strive to follow mine.

I have been lucky enough to discover sought-after and remote destinations worldwide. My husband and I spent years working with hotels and travel companies with our photography and continue to do so. With that, taking this next step into Alexis Co. with a significant travel element only felt natural.

I have continued to design my knitwear well as working with client's internationally to furnish and design their dream space, business, or home. My knitwear designs continue to hold the exact authenticity and beauty they have for over ten years. I have loved working with my artisans in Mexico and Turkey, and we are constantly creating new ideas.

My son, Griffin Lindsay Kappel, was born in May this year, and has been my most rewarding adventure yet. I loved being pregnant and never imagined embracing motherhood like I have; I can honestly say I love every minute of it.

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect from Alexis Co.: I will share one journal entry on the first Thursday of every month exploring new travels and past journeys. Beautiful photography stills with a bit of storytelling will be part of each journal entry, and necessary details for the destination at hand. Naturally, I’ll be adding some tips and experiences for traveling with a newborn; and tips for preparing your packing list. There will also be design edits each month. I'll also share two monthly newsletters. Eventually I plan to share two travel stories a month.

Alexis Co. has become the creative space that I crave. Sharing my travel stories and design genuinely nourishes my soul. And I am proud of myself for creating the space I need to continue to share in a way that works post-store, post-baby, for me now.

I can't wait to see what the future holds, but I'm even more excited to share this news with you. I've patiently waited for the right time to announce Alexis Co., and here we are!

Thank you for being here and being a part of my journey; it means the world to me. Here's to Alexis Co.!


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  • Obsessed!! Can’t wait to follow along!!

    Bethany Wentz on

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