Denim Forever

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I have a tiny confession. I may or  may not be a denim addict.

The most beautiful version I see of myself is in the morning, barefoot, in a good pair of denim. It sounds silly, I know, but I wouldn't trade it for all of the dresses and heels in the world. See, denim to me is like a lazy Sunday morning. Comfortable, soft, light, flexible, happy. It's like another layer of skin, effortless and breathable. I love the wear factor it has; how I can go forever without washing, and the longer I go, the better it looks. I've been quite the collector of these indigo tones - finding vintage Levi's throughout the years at thrift shops + goodwill. The history behind each pair has made me fall in love with the idea that clothing has a story. Denim, telling the most romantic one. These denim stories have been passed down from generation to generation, from Jane Birkin skinnies to Jimi Hendrix flares.. to me, in my overalls. I see it in my past, I see it in my future. Denim is forever.

Above are my top picks from Lex & Lynne's denim shop. I walked out of the store with the biggest pile ever, having such a hard time to choose which pieces to capture. I've been an overall girl ever since I would watch my mom wear them as a little girl, so needless to say, I was drawn to a pair. I snagged a size bigger then usual, to wear slouchy and oversized. Overalls to me are days in my studio, creating, that turn into nights in my kitchen, whipping up a fresh meal with the windows open and music playing. Next up are a good pair of flares. I'm a lover of the 70s, and the way a good flare shapes the leg. I'd throw this pair on for a date night and groove into the stars with not a care in the world. A basic white tee did the trick here, adding a clean and cool look. Destroyed denim is my go to, and I was so excited to see a light washed pair to choose from for the warmer months. There really is no way to achieve instant happiness then wearing a good pair of worn in jeans. Lastly, a good pair of  denim shorts. Ah, let's bare the legs a bit for the sunshine, and add a light sweater for the crisped air nights under the stars.

I'll always be proud of my denim. It'll last forever, and create a story with each wear. It's the staple piece in my closet that is constantly expanding, and growing as I grow. Like I said, denim is forever. Make sure to stop by the store and find your perfect fit, and create a story with your denim.

Head over to the  Lex & Lynne Instagram today - I'm taking over! + Pinning to our "Denim Forever" Pinterest board. Happy Sunday, babes!


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