Miami: My Home Away From Home

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Miami is one of my favorite places in the world. That is most likely because my family has had a second home there for about nine years now. Miami is a place we can escape to for a change in scenery and a refreshing atmosphere, but that still feels like home. When most people think of Miami they picture the rowdy South Beach club scene and scarcely dressed, perfectly bronzed people frolicking on the beach. However, after many years of exploring the streets of Miami I have come to find that it  has much more to offer. I love Miami for all of its best kept secrets. Such as its flourishing art scene, unique restaurants, and it's diverse population and colorful atmosphere that has the ability to make me feel like I am in a tropical paradise even though I am still in the U.S. 


This summer I was able to take a quick trip down there with my family. When my family of four travels anywhere, all we do is eat, and Miami has so many great places to do so. 



Brunch at Tongue and Cheek in South Beach 




These sliders are from Prime 112 on South Beach. It is one of my family's favorite restaurants in Miami. It's a modern steak house with a family friendly atmosphere and a menu that when just thinking about it makes my mouth water. There is also Prime Italian right across the street if that better suites your fancy. Another one of our favorite places to go for dinner is La Mar. It's located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in downtown. It is right on the bay and has a breathtaking view of the down town skyline. It's a Peruvian inspired menu that is full of fresh fish prepared in unique and innovative styles. 


While I was there this summer I also spent some time exploring some of the many amazing art galleries Miami has to offer. Lucky for me, in the last year the Pérez Art Museum opened up across the street from our apartment downtown. It is hands down the most amazing museum I have ever been to. It features modern art in a variety of mediums. 


On this trip I also went to the Romero Britto Gallery on Lincoln Avenue in South Beach. Britto is one of my favorite Pop artists. His couple series is a personal favorite of mine. 

So, you all might be wondering what does one pack for a trip to Miami? Well, considering Miami is such a colorful city, I always think that the best way to stand out there is to wear neutrals :). Miami in the summer is HOT and HUMID. And, you can usually count on there being an afternoon thunderstorm. That being said, I also pack lightweight basics (that are good for layering) in neutral colors that have a little edge to them and I always throw in a little pop of color in some shape or form. 

I hope you all enjoyed this little glimpse of one of my favorite places! 


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