Smoother Monday Mornings

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Ah, Monday mornings. They are tough. Painful, even. But do they have to be? Not for me.

I love my 6 a.m. morning rises. Warm tea in bed, snuggling my pup, golden light dripping from the cracks in the window. Mornings are my time, and often, I have people asking me about my morning routine, how I got there, and what I do. Well, truthfully, time is spent wisely - in positive ways that will set my day out to be a good one. If you find yourself slacking in the mornings, especially Monday's.. this one's for you.

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Rise. Begin setting your body clock by going to bed at a decent time, and rising early. My mornings are relaxing - I'm in no rush to sprint out the door. Because I get up and get moving, I have time to squeeze in some snuggling, music, and me time before the day starts. To get your body in sync with it's natural rhythm, begin going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday. I'm at the point that my body clock is set, with no alarm needed!

Set Intentions. In the mornings, I like to make a list of my daily duties. Yes, a honey-do-list. The visual aspect gives me relief, helping me know that my day may be busy, but can be realistic. These scribbles help set the schedule of the week, and also reflect on things. Mornings are for relaxation, and this truly helps my mind stay on track and stress free.

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Reward Yourself. Give yourself something to look forward to every morning. Whether it's a bubble bath, with candles lit and a record playing. If you allow yourself to have time, you'll be able to treat yourself and start the day off on a good note. 

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Comfort. Staying comfortable throughout the early hours is key for me. My time is spent in soft pajamas; keeping me light, airy, and confident. I love tip toe'ing my hardwood floors, waking up with the sun, in cotton and lace. Instant happiness.

Just Go. Say goodbye to your home, knowing you will soon return and get to relax. Getting out the door on time will keep your day running smoothly, and let you be able to hang on to the above positives. 

I challenge y'all to begin your Monday mornings with good vibes and healthy minds. The week will fall into place, and you will feel great about your steps to a better you. 

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- Madisyn



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