Store Tour: A Look Inside Lex & Lynne

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I’ve always loved this building, growing up across the river from Sewickley. It’s sherbet colored bricks coloring all of the quirky angles.

Now, it’s the happy home of the women’s Lex & Lynne store. I decided to pop in on Monday and shoot the store from my view, to let all of you who can’t physically be there, get a little taste of what it’s like shopping inside Lex & Lynne.


Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s airy, refreshing, yet intimate and has that home like feel that brings a easy vibe when shopping. The tall windows brighten the canvas making each room inspiring and bright. The staging and furniture pieces are spot on. As a girl growing up in my momma’s furniture store since I was 8 years old, I have pretty high standards. When a piece of clothing compliments a piece of furniture, and vise versa, happiness is achieved. With local artists featured on each wall, mixing everything from pop art to whimsical lavender and pale pink brush strokes, the style is ever changing and so much fun. The second floor takes you to an open bright room dripping in lacey skivvies and “I. Want. To. Live. In. These. Pajamas. Forever.” kind of pj’s. Each corner of the place has endless options, making you want to take hours to see everything.

You know that feeling of comfort when picking something out to wear from your best friends closet? It’s the feeling of no worries – just pure honesty and humble(ness). As I snapped picture after picture, and observed Lex in her environment, that’s the feel I got. It’s like shopping in your best friends closet, (with your best friend having exquisite taste, and lots of DVF). It doesn't get much better then that, does it?

For a day of sunshine, style, and inspiration – stop by the store and get experience the feeling of Lex & Lynne.

I will be taking over the Lex & Lynne Instagram all day today, so make sure to stop by and see what I’m up to! Also, give us a follow on Pinterest, for daily inspiration, and see the rest of our looks on the blog here!

- Madisyn

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