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My obsession with menswear started at a young age. In middle school I discovered that the best way to survive the dreary winters of Pittsburgh was to steal my Dad's sweaters. Though I nearly looked like I was drowning in them, I found that there was nothing more comforting than throwing on one of my Dad's huge, cozy sweaters that smelled like him. 


In high school I got my first boyfriend. Go me! This young man had many winning qualities, but one of my favorites was his impeccable style. His closet was twice the size of mine. Not only did I have a boyfriend, but also a whole new closet to steal from. Could life get any better? I swear every time I went to his house I would make up some excuse for why I needed to borrow another sweater or button-down. 

Due to the fact that menswear was so easily accessible to me, it evolved into part of my personal style. I love oversized clothes with a masculine vibe. In my opinion there is no sexier combination than a men's sweater, distressed jeans, and a great pair of heels. The key with menswear is to balance the masculine and oversized pieces with more fitted and feminine ones. 

Now that I am away at college and single, I no longer have access to men's closets to steal from. So, I just shop at the men's store for myself. In fact, I shop just as much at our men's store as I do at the women's. Let me make this perfectly clear ladies, there is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping for yourself at a men's store. You don't need no man. :) :)

What I wore, from Womenswear...

"There is no such thing as menswear, because absolutely everything looks better on women." - Unknown



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