Journey Charm Necklace

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Celebrate your unique journey with our Journey Charm Necklace, an interactive experience with Alexis Co. designer, Lex. This exquisite piece is designed to be as unique as the wearer, allowing you to create your personalized charm necklace. Choose from a variety of gorgeous and dainty 14k gold charms and precious gemstones to craft your perfect piece. Options include initials, zodiac signs, symbols, solid gold, enamel, and more. The playful yet elegant style of the Journey Charm Necklace makes it a versatile accessory, perfect for any occasion. Embrace the artistry and sentiment behind this one-of-a-kind creation and wear it as a reflection of your individual path and cherished memories. An Aura Reading with Lex is included with your purchase as to determine your perfect colors and symbols.

Two length options allow for multiple wear with our Journey Charm Necklace.

  • 15" to be worn as a choker and wrap bracelet
  • 21" to be worn as a choker, necklace, wrap bracelet, and anklet
  • Charm option include all zodiac signs (14K gold and diamond), A through Z initials (14K gold and diamond), dragonfly, butterflies, ladybug, flowers, strawberry, cupcakes, cherry, paw print, rainbow, seahorse,  citrus fruits, ice cream cone, pineapple, evil eyes, stars, moons, hearts, lightening bolt, arrow

Handmade with love and care with a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks after your consultation. Please be aware that the price of this piece varies by desired materials and will be carefully thought through during your consultation.

Length 15 Inch