Awakening Necklace

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Our Awakening Necklace is a beacon of transformation and enlightenment. Adorned with a crescent moon, a diamond lightning bolt, and a star, this piece is surrounded by beautiful, precious moonstones. Each symbol is thoughtfully chosen to represent the journey of self-discovery and the power of intuition. Crafted from 14k gold and embellished with diamonds and moonstones, this necklace is both an elegant accessory and a profound reminder to embrace the magic within. Wear the Awakening Necklace to illuminate your path and celebrate your spiritual awakening. This item is available for pre-order and will ship by August 1.

Designed by Alexis Corry exclusively for Alexis Co. and made by hand with love and care.

  • Moonstones
  • Diamonds
  • 14K Gold

Wear as a necklace or as a wrap bracelet.