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I thought it would be appropriate to dive into the blog with the creative history of my first design, the Relaxed Knit. For those of you who may not have been following, shopping, or wearing Lex & Lynne at that time, this sweater goes back years and years. I even have the original sketch + evolution of this style documented with Lex & Lynne product photography below.

I sit back and reflect on the Relaxed Knit with a cup of coffee and the ocean in my distance and realize this mere idea has become a wardrobe staple for so many customers. A boxy-cut with a perfectly cropped body to define the waistline. Cuff the sleeves and neckline or just don't even think about it! We even produced limited editions of the style in Navy and French Blue. 

The idea was simple ~ a natural cotton oversized sweater with endless opportunities for wear. Most importantly, I wanted something versatile. I travel a lot (and frequently), and I needed a go-to look that would be easy and efficient that I could wear all the time. A knit that was durable and would keep me warm but also cool, too. Wearable at all times whether in-flight or on the road, in a major city or on the water. And the Relaxed Knit provided just that. 

When I received the sample, I realized my newfound passion and the Relaxed Knit changed the course of Lex & Lynne for good. At the time, I offered a few sweater lines at my brick-and-mortar and no more than two to three units per style. I carried 360 Sweater, Skull Cashmere, and White + Warren to name a few. Big brand names that, in hindsight, really moved me to explore the creative side of design.

There were eleven Relaxed Knit sweaters made, including my sample. The design process, production, number of units, and investment was a leap for me. Once the product was in-store, interest, try-ons, questions, and purchases quickly became exciting. The Relaxed Knit looked vastly different on each person who tried it. 

I am currently wearing my sweater with a pair of patchwork jeans and sandals, browsing through past and recent photoshoots of the Relaxed Knit. Jotting down notes and words that come to mind. My re-purposed burlap tote bag holds a handful of beads, string, pliers and I plan to make jewelry later. Thinking back on styles and past inspirations is already intimidating! But I am up for the challenge. Enjoy the imagery-inspiration of my Relaxed Knit, a style you’ll see again and again. Thank you for being here, and please leave your comments below!

All of the images from my Relaxed Knit Collage above are available below if you would like any in particular! 



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