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It seems rather surreal to be writing the first blog post that falls into my conscious category on April 6th, my birthday. I was always apprehensive to share an outlet for creativity and journaling, and then with the help of my friend Christina I found my narrative. With that, 2020 was on the horizon! What better time to launch a blog?

About two weeks into the new year were personal challenges that were impossible to understand. I hit the pause button on work and travel to focus on family, my husband, my home. At this time I decided to take a step back and really consider what was making me happy, my goals in life and in business, and how I was treating my mind, body, soul. 

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A new wave of understanding health and wellness had taken over. I considered what I was eating, and when. My energy levels and activity. My sleep regimen, no one really needs sleep, right? Clean beauty and p
roducts I was applying to my skin almost every day. 

Being present became my top priority. I decided to slow down, stock up on inspiring reads, do some research, and adopt a more health-conscious and mindful lifestyle. By the end of February, I found myself in a new and improved routine. I slowly got back into work and learned how to better-balance my daily-grind and life in general.

My goal for the new year was to launch this blog on Lex & Lynne and provide a behind-the-scenes look at my products. But I found myself wanting to share more; personal endeavors and experiences that were not focused solely on my business. 

I am going to share details about new practices applied to my every-day, books I am reading, products I am loving, the designers I work with, and more. As a designer and small business owner, I recognize the responsibility of brand influence, regardless of magnitude, more now than ever.  I'll be sharing a lot of products and items that I don't sell at Lex & Lynne, but that I just really believe in and love. While sharing personal interests is a new journey for me, each topic is genuine and serves its purpose. I also think that my customers and readers could benefit from the knowledge and information.

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I thank you for being here! And if there's a product, brand, book, artist that you think should be on my radar, send me a DM (@alexsicorrykappel) or leave a comment, below! 

Incase you're wondering, I am wearing the Lilac Crop and Cotton Skirt in the photos above, snapped by Christina Stein!

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