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I am 23 years old but a child at heart. I live in Los Angeles, a few miles short of the Pacific blue. I am a close friend to Alexis and her sister Lindsay, as we all grew up in Vero Beach, FL where Lex & Lynne was first started. I've watched Lex & Lynne grow over the years and I so excited to be a part of this adventure!


I am a freelance graphic designer, fueled by coffee and a keen interest in brand development. My favorite part of freelancing is being able to meet other creatives and the art of collaboration. I love Los Angeles because of the range of creative people that live here. When I'm not working I love exploring California's coast--taking photos, biking, surfing, and hiking along the way. The sunshine is my best friend. I am a sea traveler, following the beaches from Australia to Bali to the Caribbean. My next destination: a coastal exploration of Portugal, France, and Spain with my boyfriend.

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Stay tuned for many weekend getaways, recipes, and interviews with some of the many amazing brands Lex & Lynne has to offer!

xx Lauren

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