Coachella Dreamin': What To Pack + A Playlist

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Festival season, ah.

Around this time, every year, I’m frustrated. I had an amazing SXSW experience last year and pinky promised myself I would be at Coachella this year. Instead, I’m in spring rain thunderstorms in my lovely gritty city of Pittsburgh. So really, why did I procrastinate again? Why am I always missing out on the fun? I was even in LA at the time of Coachella 2014 and forgot. Unreal. Next year, I swear, y’all will see me. Flower crowns and all. Until then, I'll have to dream from here. Dressing comfortable is key for me when going to festivals, especially if you’re the type like me who is hopping around snapping away. Here’s what I’m lovin’..


Get The Look: Pink Skull Tank, James Jeans White Skinnies, Black Bralette, Will Leather Goods BagWLG Bracelet

I’m ditching the crochet and braids and bringing a refreshing cool & clean element to the festival with these looks. I love choosing one color, and keeping it consistent head to toe, – and white was it with this one. Hey, don’t knock the denim pants. If Jimi Hendrix or Natalie Suarez can wear pants to a music festival, anyone can. I’m the type to get chilled on those California nights. This white denim is light enough to keep you cool throughout the day and the perfect warm at night. During festival season, comfortable shoes are a must. I don’t care how many fashion blogs you think you are going to score in those jelly sandals (me at my last one), you will be miserable and your toes will be blister heaven 2 hours in, trust me. The classic white high top chuck to balance out this good girl gone bad skull tank top is just for me. I’m a 90s baby, my best accessories is are my twisted half pony and a film camera. I’m all set, give me some tunes and some California sunsets.

  • CAMERA (or 5, I can’t leave my house without a good film or polaroid)
  • Memory Cards
  • Portable Charger
  • Big Bag
  • Clutch
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunnies
  • Chapstick
  • Reusable Water Bottle

Get The Look: Rudsak Black Leather Jacket, T&J Romper, Dutzi Cowhide ClutchCosabella Bralette

All you need is a black leather jacket; a black leather jacket is all you need...

I’m a firm believer in this statement. I wear mine all year round, and the more broken in it gets, the better. If you’re asking, "who wears leather to a festival", ask Stevie Nicks or Joan Jett, I’m sure they’ll smirk. Throw this on for the last few shows of the night, when that breeze is rolling in, and your shoulders have that sun kissed tint. I paired this jacket with the most flattering romper of them all. It's so light and flowy, allowing it to have movement for grooving'. The open back let’s you play around with lacey bralettes or bare skin, and I love that, you know. This one’s for the flirty girls, the lovers, and the moon chasers. Grab that polaroid and snap a few, dance under the stars, fall in love with the music and the moment.


To everyone who's being fabulous and doing Coachella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, the right way, have a blast. To the dreamers like me - head to the park with a blanket and this playlist..

… & spend the day with the sunshine while letting the music do the talkin'.

Happy Coachella Weekend 1 + Happy Friday, babes! Make sure to check in with us on the Lex & Lynne Instagram today, I'll be taking over!

Also check out our "heat" Pinterest board, I'll be pinning up some Coachella inspiration today!

- Madisyn

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