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I’m always drawn to black and white, the balance of it, the yin + yang.

I’ve held my speckled composition notebooks of the same colors close to me ever since I was a little girl. They were are where I can scribble secrets, reflect, doodle, and just be me (lisa frank stickers and all). I used to shake an 8-ball as a little girl, pretending the “yes” triangle would always come true. I love using black and white rolls of film, and sitting in the darkroom waiting for the images to develop, pretending the present time pictures are retro as ever. See, black and white has always been my thing, and I can’t say I’ll ever let it go. It has a way of being both nostalgic, yet always current, and I love that, you know.

Get The Look: Flora TankWren Shorts

Get The Look: Liberty TopWren Shorts

When Lex told me she picked up a new line – and the collection was all black + white, I didn’t hesitate for a second to get it in my arms. The line is called Once And For All, and I’m super stoked to introduce it to Lex & Lynne. As soon as I slipped my first piece on, I’m hooked, hello summer wardrobe. Mod cuts mixed with sporty and soft fabrics . . some 70s detailing, I die.

Each piece is unique, fresh, and fun. I felt playful with every look. The high waisted sportswear inspired track shorts took me to the roller derby days, I want to live in these all June long, with a big ice-cream cone in hand. I let the look roll on by adding this little crop top number to bare a bit more skin and welcome the heat.

Get The Look: Posey TopWren Shorts

So, I won’t kiss black goodbye with the winter, because I’m too busy welcoming it with springs white. This balance is here to stay, keeping me happy and bold. I challenged y’all to go try a piece of this new line on; feel the lightness that it brings, and just be.

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