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I recently sat down with Joy Smith at Akasha in downtown Culver City to chat about her jewelry line, Communion, one of Lex's new lines now available in-store & online...


After seeing her line, I realize that Joy is not just a jewelry designer but an artist with genuine intentions to share and pass on stories and connections through her jewelry. Her unique line of rings, necklaces and earrings are both delicate and feminine but also hold strong undertones of culture and spiritual connectedness, with hints of Native American craft culture in each etch. Different stones and diamonds add subtle dimensions of transparency and light, making them true forms of wearable art. Joy's refreshing kindness and creativity that is so captivating when you meet her, is also shown throughout her work.

My favorite part about Communion is the small imperfections that make each piece slightly different. The uneven gem stone cuts and intricate organic details in the thin gold bands create a timeless piece that can be layered or worn alone.

Joy notes that much of her creative inspiration stems from ritual and symbolism, thus the hints of Native American influence was an unintentional but natural product of what inspired her.

“I find my inspiration communing with spirit of nature, animals, and people. I love to make jewelry that carries energy of inner-strength and contains the power from the design or the stones I set into them."

Each piece is created through an ancient process called lost wax casting, where Joy creates the small detailed engravings in wax to make a mold that is then used to cast recycled gold. This process makes the jewelry truly unique and rooted in ancient practices that date back to the 1400s. Each piece is personal and intimate, with the mark of craftsmanship very much intact.

Joy hopes that her jewelry will serve as heirloom pieces to many women, “something to be passed on from mother to daughter to stand the test of time.”

Communion is now available in-store & and online at Lex & Lynne!! Discover this truly special jewelry, now.

xx Lauren

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