DIY: Pot A Cacti For Mothers Day

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There's something about adding a small homemade gift that really hits things home. When it comes to my mom, she is a lover of all things nature. During Fall, the foliage is about the only thing we talk about. When spring blooms, her yard is full of flowers in all of the most beautiful colors. I always love making gifts, and this year, decided to pot a plant to add to her collection. Going into the gift, I made a list of things that were important to me when picking out the perfect plant:

Hue: I wanted pops of color. My mom loves pinks and sherbert orange. Happy colors.

Size: Sweet and simple. I didn't want a super high maintenance plant.

Species: Originality was important. My mom has had a little taste of it all, so finding something different would make things fun and interesting.

Making the list was helpful to make a quick decision and not second guess it. I reviewed the list, and quickly chose to plant my mom a few cacti for her mothers day present. They have color, size, maintenance, and originality. Perfect. Aren't they adorable?

After deciding on what you are going to plant, next up is finding a pot. I just got a basic terracotta pot, so the colors would be neutral, and not take away from the pop-art cacti.

Soil is the most important part about planting a cacti. Because the exchange between water and air is essential for cacti, water cannot take a long time to drain or else the succulent will not survive. Besides good drainage, the soil should also feel textured and crumbly. Think about it, cacti belong in the desert. A sandy grit gives the cacti the right condition for it to grow. When testing, make sure it doesn't form into a lump, but does crumble at touch, for a light, breathable space to grow.

Fill the pot up about half way with soil, stick the cacti in, and add more soil. Next, get your hands a bit dirty - press your fingertips into the soil, making sure the cacti is secure and snug.

Quick and easy, right? Sometimes I forget how simple it is to make something truly beautiful. To complete the Mother's Day gift, I added a few Lex & Lynne bracelets to add a bit more love to the package. I love the natural colors of each bracelet, with the pops of color. For some reason, I feel like they relate to the cacti extremely well. The final step - write a sweet little "I love you" card, and add these cacti tips on the back:

- Remember the desert . . hot and sunny in full sunlight throughout the day, cool at night. Avoid from any drafts.

- Cacti grow the most during Spring and Summer (yay!), but they also require the most water during these periods. Don't let your plants get too thirsty! When the soil is dry, water your plant completely.

Make sure to take a look at our Instagram today - I'll be doing a takeover with all things Mother's Day + Lex & Lynne. Also, check out our "Grow" Pinterest board for other ways nature is inspiring us! For more gift ideas, or a look at the bracelets I will be gifting my mom, head over to our site and see all of our beautiful goodies! (or pop by the store and see us this weekend!)

Happy Planting, babes! Happy Mother's Day, moms!

- Madisyn

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