Happy Mother's Day + a few lessons from my mom...

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Today is Mother's Day; a day, for me, to acknowledge and recognize how grateful I am for my mother. To think about where I come from, my roots. It's tough to avoid the craziness of every day life, the hustle and bustle; the ins and outs of work, family, your home, friends, pets, and the daily grind. All characteristics of every day life that are blessings, but some times distractions nonetheless. Days that are put aside to reflect on life and the now, and especially Mother's Day, put things in to perspective.

My mother is the strongest person I know. Without her, my business would never have been possible; my mother is part of every business decision I make, and of course every life decision I make. She and my dad have been the most supportive people in every aspect of my life.

As for "Lex & Lynne" as a name, 'Lynne' is not one single person. Lynne represents all of the women in my family. I thought of the name thinking of my mother and my sister - Darcy Lynne and Lindsay. A family name that runs through, and on a side note my best friend's middle name as well. But back to Mother's Day...


Our tradition is simple - brunch, champagne, and a day full of relaxing and enjoying the perfect weather as a family; reminiscing a bit and celebrating mom. I admire my mom inside and out, through and through. She is my best friend, my rock; I can't imagine my life without her right by my side, always, and am grateful for every day.

I love creating gorgeous flower arrangements for my mother for Mother's Day, and I was feeling inspired by Madisyn's post and decided to go with some succulent-love and cacti. Happy Mother's day, everyone. Take some time to yourself and reflect on what's important and be grateful! 

Side note, Here is my DIY gift for mom, step by step, and read all about it on Madisyn's DIY post:


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