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I've always been that true grit kinda girl. Denim, leather, oversized mens inspired tees. I pull towards charcoals, rock n' roll, and a good turkish rug. But there's also a side to me that has some grace, lusting for whites and daring myself with red wine. I guess you can say I'm a bit of a chameleon soul. The Lex & Lynne Men's store feels like home, though, and every time I pop in, I can't get enough.

First things first, the rugs. Am I right? I am drooling, always. Or is it the vesta, parked effortlessly in the middle of the store. There's something about the place that is styled in such a badass way that makes you want to stay. It's comfortable, warm, gritty, chic. It's such a different look then the women's store, but a look I can connect to in a way I can't explain. Lex did a wonderful job creating vibes at both stores that make you want to kick back, relax, and not rush. The man-town leather sofa, paired with kilim pillows, sitting right on top of a perfect rug. The coffee table is a train trunk, featuring denim washes that you want to spend every Sunday in. She placed good reads on a couple shelves, keeping it nostalgic with the books I grew up dreaming of. The little details are everywhere, a place to appreciate.

The merchandise fits right in, almost in a way that it looks like art. And speaking of art, as you walk each corner, you find a little gem that seems sweet and personal to Lex; such as the photo of the tree, below, or the mugs her brother creates, that sit so perfectly in one corner of the store. Her sister, Lindsay, who is another artist within the family, is displayed in the store with her art as she has captured some of the most incredible shots of musical legends, including The Flaming Lips, Jack White, and the Avett brothers, to name a few. There is a balancing act on both sides of the brand in such a thoughtful way to create the full Lex & Lynne experience.

To the gents, y'all are blessed. This place is rad, and the styling stress is already solved. Ladies, don't be shy to stop by. It's inspiring, in many ways, and the perfect place to find your man that perfect denim shirt. Stop in this weekend and say hey, we would love to see you. To our online lovers, we are so happy to share with you a place that is near and dear to the L&L hearts. To our puppy friends, you can wag on in as well :)

Happy Friday babes! I'll be taking over our Instagram all day today, stay in touch! Also make sure to take a look at our "Gents" Pinterest board, for all things true grit.

xox Madisyn

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