Beach Getaway Photo Diary

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The weekend was planned for months; duffle bags full of bikinis, sandals, cover ups, books, and shades. It's been a while since the three of us spent a weekend together, and we didn't hesitate to book our May 1st getaway the second we knew we were all free...

Sunbathing, sunrises, jacuzzi, swimming in the ocean, long walks on the beach, sea-shell treasures, home cooked meals, red wine; white wine. Grapefruit juice, good reads, relaxing poolside... pretty much sums up our long-weekend.

Moreno and Michela have been two of my closest friends since college; where we graduated in 2010. The three of us unknowingly made our way to Manhattan upon graduating. Impulse moves and job opportunities, we were thrilled to be together in the big city.

The beach and two of my best friends all to myself was a great welcome for the month of May; hope you enjoy my photo diary of our weekend... and your dose of everything  Lex & Lynne!





xx AC

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