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Summer is here, finally.

Last week's solstice brought along my favorite season. Summer is for the lovers, dreamers, and explorers. I've just returned back to Pittsburgh for a two week sunshine jumpstart into summer from Hawaii. It was a beautiful trip, and I really got the chance to do some pretty incredible things. Sometimes I feel like summer gets away from me - slips through my fingers and happens at a remarkable pace. On my last day in Maui, I was sitting outside on my hammock, and decided to do something for myself. I grabbed my journal, and swung away while jotting down a summer bucket list. I made a pact with myself, one that has hopes for the best summer ever. I promised myself that I’d continue to adventure, far beyond my trip to Hawaii, throughout the summer. I ended my trip with the mindset of trying to do as many things on my bucket list as I could. This summer, I want to see, hear, taste, and feel it all.

My list is full of summer essentials, so as I check things off, I must dress the part. I’ll always stay true to my playful denim heart, spending long days in the sunshine with an ice-cream cone in hand. Layers are a must for me during these months, with warm afternoons welcoming crisp air throughout the nights. I plan on making wishes under the stars with my best friends as many chances as I can get, so grabbing that pullover is key to comfort. These looks have that basic, cool girl feel, which keeps me going as I explore and keep going.

I’m excited to begin my journey through summer, and hope to inspire you this weekend. Pick up a pin, jot down some dreams, and don’t let anything get in the way of them.

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What are you most looking forward to in the season ahead? Write it down, babes!

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Happy Summer, sunshine!



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