The Little Black Dress

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The weather may be hot, but it is never too warm to work the LBD! A little black dress is THE essential staple, something every woman must have in her wardrobe in order to survive! Now, I speak honestly when I say that fashion is not my strong suit: trends go right over my head and I couldn't put together a stylish outfit if you paid me. But the LBD has never let me down. That's why I was so excited when, for the first time in a long time, I walked through the doors of Lex & Lynne Women's and there were dresses, dresses everywhere! Patterned dresses, maxi dresses, lacy dresses, but most importantly, the LBD selection was vamped up and better than ever. After trying on more than my fair share, I've picked out a few of my favorite L&L LBDs to show you, so they can become your favorites as well!

First on the list is this funky little number!  The Pheonix Dress from Once and for All is truly one of the most unique dresses I've ever seen. It has a slight Old West meets 1920's flapper feel, and the high to low design is a fun variation on the classic LBD. If you feel like being bold and daring, this dress will certainly not disappoint. I love the forgiving and comfortable fit of the fabric, and paired with a fun bag this outfit will really be a show stopper! Paired with some L&L bracelets, my favorite Dutzi cow-hide clutch, and Emy Mack wedges...

Next we have the  Knit Maxi Dress from 360 Sweater. Yes, technically this is not a "little black dress", seeing as it reaches all the way to the floor. However, it's an amazing piece, so I'm going to be loose with the rules. 

What I love most about this dress is it's simplicity. Throw it on with a pair of heels or sandals, maybe slip on a bracelet or two and you're out the door. Dress it up, dress it down, either way, it's going to look beautiful. I live for pieces like this, looks that I don't have to struggle to put together and that can be used for more than one type of occasion. The white stripes from the neck to the hem are very slimming, and I love the beachy feel. This maxi dress is an honorary LBD in my book.

This next dress has to be the favorite of my favorites.  Vera by Once and for All made me feel beautiful when I put it on. The very relaxed bohemian look is one of my favorite styles, and I fell in love with the Vera as soon as I slipped it over my shoulders. The thick fabric is cozy and sturdy, a material that will last a long time. The double layered lace bottom gives it a touch of femininity, while the longer, V-cut siding gives it an edgy twist. Though people normally think of little black dresses as being tight and short, I love how this design is loose with a bit of length. Nothing is more flattering than a dress that fits correctly and doesn't cling to your body. 

Again, this piece does not exactly fit into the LBD category, but when I first tried the  Soleil by DVF, I knew it could not be left out. This is one of the most elegant designs from Diane von Furstenberg I've ever worn. Normally when I try rompers on the appearance is not exactly ideal, but the Soleil was a whole different story. The belted waist accentuates your figure and the loose fitting shorts make your legs look sexy and long. The loop sleeves and wide scoop neck gives the romper a graceful feel that makes you feel beautiful while you wear it. Though technically not an LBD, the Soleil could put any dress to shame. 

Holy mother of curves! This  Cotton LBD from Velvet by Graham and Spencer is the iconic representation of the little black dress; it's even in the name! If we're being honest, I've never been entirely comfortable wearing fitted dresses. I always felt like they never looked right and clung to my every flaw. However, this fitted dress made me do a double take. It's simple, yet elegant, and the fabric stretches in a very forgiving way. It fit flawlessly on my body and gave me an hourglass figure I never knew I had! Even with a high crew neck and moderate length, the dress turns its owner into a knock out. A sexy piece without even trying, this LBD from Velvet gets two thumbs up.

So if you've been on an LBD search look no farther than Lex & Lynne! We have the classics as well as unique spin-offs of the oh-so-essential black dress. There's something for everybody. If you can't explore in-store then  shop the blog online! Happy hunting!

xx Riley

P.S. original artwork by Nicole Mangin, available at Lex & Lynne, Women's

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