What to Pack: Headed Down South

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North Carolina is calling my name. It's been 8 long months since I've been to this place, which blows me a way a bit, considering it has been a second home to me all throughout my life. I'm almost too excited to type. Ah.

Lately, I've had a hard time letting myself have any down time. I always feel the need to keep working, working, working. I never stop. But, I've finally hit the point after 8 long months of no rest that I'm allowing myself to take a breather. I need some southern air to rejuvenate me and fill my lungs, so I can breathe out my happy light again.

When it comes to packing, I prove the prime example of procrastination at its finest. Luckly, I've got Lex & Lynne to cover my back.

First things first, a good pair of blue jeans. Keeping them ripped up, just the way I like em'. The weather is going to be wonderful this weekend. With breezy warm days, and comfortable nights with that crisp air that I love oh so much. I rely on that perfect cotton t-shirt to keep my cool and casual throughout the days and into the nights. So I'm packing this pale pink one, along with a few others I picked up from the shop that have that "I. want. to. live. in. this. forever." kind of feel. Oh, this look is so me. I'm hopin' for nights on the beach, with good guitar tunes, bundled up by the fire in this go-to.


When it comes to jammies, I'm set. Paisley prints and clean lined stripes will take me into my dreams with patterns that I adore. I love the mixes of blues and whites Lex is buying. When I go to sleep, I want to feel like I'm in a clean hotel room. Crisp linens, a sense of freshness. These sets give me just that. Aren't they simply adorable?

I can't go anywhere without a good leather backpack. Quick, easy, reliable. Three things I am always needing while I travel. I packed a striped maxi for the day time beach weather, some of my favorite Lex & Lynne bracelets, a kilim cross body to hold my passport and sunnies on those hot days. Oh, and I refuse to go anywhere without a camera, of course.

So, peace out Pittsburgh. It's been real, but I'm certainly welcoming the South with open arms. I'll be traveling all day, and you can catch me on our Lex & Lynne Instagram feed with updates on my trip throughout the Friday! Make sure to check out our Pinterest "Wanderlust" board for travel inspiration! To get these looks, take a peek at the "Shop The Blog" section on our site!

Have a relaxing weekend babes, it's time to u n w i n d . .


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