Carolina In My Mind

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Home is where I feel free. The place my heart is happiest. It's where I go when I need a fresh breath of air. Where I go to recharge, laugh, heal, and just, be.

Topsail Island is one of the many places I feel at home. It's located on the Eastern Coast of North Carolina, under the bluest skies I've ever been able to find. I laugh, a little, when reflecting on this place. The waves and wind have dealt with many different swells that I like to call my life. Shifts, that have made me, well, me. But the salt has had a way to heal my heart and mind, allowing me to truly feel it all, always sending me off stronger than ever. 

I've just returned back to Pittsburgh from this little southern gem of mine, and feel refreshed and motivated. The days were slow, and I stayed on island time throughout the trip. My first day was spent picking fresh fruit and flowers from the local farmers market, in this striped cotton maxi, to enjoy throughout the days at the beach house. Mornings began with sandy feet, as the ocean kissed my toes hello and goodbye for hours and hours. I was surrounded by the people I love the most, my family, and ended nights with them on the porch, welcoming the sunsets and stars with crisp beer and limes. I had moments to myself, moments with others, and moments with nature, all keeping me balance and feeling my happiest Carolina state of mind. Take a peek at my week, y'all, and be inspired.

Where do you run when you feel your heart is calling you home? In my mind, I'm going to Carolina.

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