Color Stories: Morning To Night

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My palette is forever changing, yet in many ways staying the same.

When it comes to my daily dress, I can be pretty minimal. Usually my best comes in a few tones, ones that speak to me in the most organic of ways. Shades of black dripping into light grays, rich chocolates melting into hazelnut, and stark white making the crisp presence that I'll always hold onto. Muted at times, these hues are perfect mix to balance work and play. I can get down to business, and also dance the night away. Anything that can take me from morning to night, without going out of style, is my cup of tea.

The basic but strong color story holds its own here. Cloud white hinting some hues of ivory, and black adding the perfect touch of contrast. My Kilim bag is packed, threaded with espresso, caramel, and creams to soften the look a bit. Ah, I'm totally absorbing the comfort of this little romper, it is l o v e. I'm always on the run, and find that my favorite outfits are ones that last me from morning to night. I definitely see myself wearing this to meetings throughout the day by throwing on a basic tank and some wedges. I'd be set. Discussing shoot ideas, sipping coffee with clients. Sweet and low, and to the point. Taking it into the night is simple and effortless. I'd kiss the tank goodbye and let the low cut peek into another layer by adding a black lace bralette underneath. Dinner with friends would be perfectly chic in this bad boy. 

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I'm constantly having a major color crush on charcoal gray. It's a bit of a love affair, I do have to say. This look is easy breezy to me. Again, letting the basic colors keep me cool and collected no matter what the day throws at me. I could throw it on for my Tuesday morning run to the farmers market, and let it take me through long hours of shooting. It's soft, stretch fabric stays breatheable and shapely throughout each wear. After my shoot, I could catch a movie in the park with my pup. All spread out on a blanket under the stars. Morning to night, this charcoal piece has my back. 


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This palette will always be able to keep up with my morning to night lifestyle. It's one I'll always feel confident in, no matter what the day has in store for me. What color palette is your morning to night? What colors are you drawn to, and which ones make you feel your best?

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Have a beautiful Sunday, babes.  



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