Say Hello: Meet The Lex & Lynne Store Girls

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I love the diversity of the store. It’s always something that first captures my eye. So many different looks, covering a variety of taste that goes with any type of girls style. The mix is selected perfectly, keeping the core love of all things  Lex & Lynne.

The stores have a crew of babes that make things run smoothly and effortlessly chic. Each of the girls have their own “L&L” style that keeps the store's aesthetic true to heart. Because the girls are so involved within the stores.. constantly loving, buying, and working, we decided that bringing them along to begin posting to the blog was vital.

Lex recently had the idea of having the stylish girls from the store contribute to the blog weekly with a post, and what better way to introduce them then with a photo shoot in their favorite look! Lex shot Erin and Jordan this week, and I popped by and snagged a few shots of Paige, Tiffany, and Riley. You may have stopped by a few times and recognize some faces, or this could be your initial hello.. please let me introduce you to the girls behind our lovely store!


Paige is beautiful inside and out. Always welcoming customers with a friendly smile at the women’s store, she makes the visits always sweet and simple. Paiges style seems a bit classic, yet flirty and fun. Her favorite looks included some DVF, so we know she’s a true Lex&Lynne girl at heart.


Get The Look: Carolin Sweater , Black Tank Dress White Jeans



Tiffany is as kind as they come. Typically in the Lex & Lynne Men’s store, she knows the hook up when it comes to the gents. I loved her light tie-dye shirt paired with some classic L&L beading…pure perfection. Anytime you ride by the store, stop by and snag a pair and say hello to this beautiful chick!



I’ll always love a girl that chooses some ripped up denim and converse. Erin is that cool and comfortable girl – who stuns in front of the camera many times on our site. With a fun and happy personality, we can’t wait to see what Erin brings to the blog's plate!

Get Erin's Look: B&W Skull Tank , Distressed Denim

Get Erin's Second Look: Flora White TopDistressed Overalls , Emy Mack Shoes


Coming all the way from California for the summer, we are so excited to have Jordan on our team for the next few months – both in the store, and on the blog! Her style is simple and sophisticated, and she brightens everyones day with charm and poise.

Get Jordan's Look: Lime Cashmere W+W Cashmere Sweater Pink Skull Tank, Distressed Denim Sequin BlazerT+J Skirt



Riley has such a light, airy personality that makes you want to get to know her right away. She has been with L&L for quite some time now and brings a positive energy into the store right away. I love her style, choosing solid colors, and that let's her crystal blue eyes and bright smile do the talking.

How great is our group? Each of the girls sport new and refreshing styles, and bring inspiring looks to our store daily. Lex and I are thrilled to welcome them to our blog team, giving us fresh new content.. straight from the store! Keep an eye out for the girls weekly posts, and when you get a chance - pop in the store, meet the girls & say hello!

 Also stop by our site and shop the blog, or see the newness section for all of our just in picks!

Make sure to check out our Instagram today, I'll be taking over! Have a happy Monday, babes <3






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