The Overalls Experiment

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I am ashamed to report, that as an eighteen-year-old human being, I had never worn a pair of overalls before. Not once, even after all of my trips down in Texas. I must admit, I had my own preconceived notions about overalls, as I’m sure all overall virgins do. I thought they were only for the country and that they wouldn’t look cute for everyday wear here on the East coast. I was afraid I could never pull off a pair of overalls, that I wouldn’t be able to wear them with dignity or that I would look out of place. But Lex &Lynne saved me from my fear and allowed me to partake in my own Overalls Experiment.

Lex was determined to change the way I thought about this funky article of clothing, and to do so, I had to take the first step, one foot after the other into my first pair of overalls. I tried on their blue-distressed and white denim overalls from Black Orchid, and immediately fell in love! This experiment showed me the light, that people like me have the wrong idea about these fun and fashionable dungarees!


Ladies, don’t be naïve like me. From my experience, and I have learned two things:

One: it’s never too late to own your first pair of overalls. Be brave and be bold! Whether you’re a kid like me, or you’re sending your own kids off to college, overalls seem to transcend all ages.
And Two: don’t be so quick to dismiss the overall as a valuable article of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe! They are comfortable, they look amazing, and they are making a comeback. Take a leap of faith like I did and fall in love with this trend!

So right now at Lex & Lynne our two pairs are true blue denim and white denim. The true blue denim is my personal favorite, simply because I am a naturally messy person. The blue denim overalls have a more casual feel and will allow for more activity and rougher use. They are also distressed, which creates a more laid back look and is perfect for a causal day out or even for a day working in the yard.


The white denim overalls are a little cleaner cut. You’ll find some subtle distressing in the shorts, but considerably less than their blue counterparts. The white color is also strategically smart. Coming out of these bleak winter months, my pale legs are always a source of embarrassment until I can spend some time in the sun. With these fresh and bright overalls, the white color will make your legs tan and the short cut will make your legs seem long; and who doesn’t love that! Wear a pair for lunch with friends or maybe wear a pair for that perfect first date once the warm weather arrives! Whichever color you choose, you can’t go wrong.


The great thing about overalls, which I didn’t realize until they were on my body, is that you can wear virtually anything you want under them. Different combinations of long-sleeved, short sleeved, heavy, and light shirts lets you wear these overalls through the different seasons! Feeling a little chill in the fall? Throw a big ol’ sweater on under there and get a funk mix season look. Headed to a party in the summer? A tight crop top works just as well, and adds a sexier edge to the overall’s tomboyish style. The sky is the limit, so be creative.

For my Overalls Experiment, I wore L&L’s fun “beach day” shirt from White + Warren under the blue denim. I loved the way the two pieces work together. The light fabric and detailing on the shirt reminded me of the ocean and when paired with the overalls created this summery feel that made me excited for those warmer months. My favorite L&L arm candy to follow.


With the white denim I wore a simple coral long-sleeved top from Velvet, by Graham & Spencer. The shirt added the perfect pop of color to the overalls, and made me think of spring and all of the budding flowers. Can you tell that I’m ready for winter to be over? Also followed by L&L and Will Leather Goods bracelets.


For those of you out there with no overalls experience, like me, it’s important to note, overalls are not the fashion risk you may think they are. If you’re standing in a boutique one day, holding a hanger in front of your face, wondering to yourself ‘could I pull this off?’ just know that yes you can!

Overalls are comfort. Overalls are safe. There should be no doubt in your mind that you will look amazing. They are durable and sturdy, and easy to move in. You will go on adventures in them, fall in love in them, and cause some trouble in them! So take a leap of faith and try your own Overalls Experiment at Lex & Lynne. They may just put a smile on your face :)

xx RR

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